Press Release

Hyrde launches no-code IoT platform ekco builder 1.0

Hyrde, the IoT company within the VolkerWessels group, introduces ekco builder 1.0. This is a no-code IoT platform that allows employees without programming skills to develop SaaS solutions specifically for business-critical processes, which greatly decreases the dependence on the company’s own IT department or on external developers. In addition, ekco builder 1.0 enables organisations to accelerate the implementation of certain business processes, stimulate innovation within their own environment and reduce development costs.

‘Ekco builder 1.0 is a user-friendly tool which companies can use to easily build smart applications for their own organisation or for customers. This gives these companies enormous clout, as they can respond quickly to market demand and implement their own solutions. They remain in control of their own data,’ says Gerard van den Houten, Managing Director at Hyrde.

The first release of the ekco builder consists of several components that users can use separately or in conjunction with each other to build the desired solution. Examples include the ability to monitor assets within an infrastructure, such as water stop valves and traffic notice boards, in order to perform predictable maintenance, or the digitisation of business processes at critical installations, so that their use and lifespan can be monitored. The specific components include:

  • A data model to transform specific data into simple and usable shapes;
  • A workflow designer with drag and drop building blocks; It allows developers to put the components needed to build an application into a visual workflow;
  • A WYSIWYG editor to convert a built application into a dashboard with all manner of tables, charts and graphs;
  • Functionalities for building a mobile app with support for NFC, BLE technology, QR scanning and media uploads;
  • An API builder to easily load data from the organisation into the ekco builder, as well as sharing information from the platform with other applications;
  • An IoT device manager, so organisations can easily manage devices and data within a single environment.

Ekco builder 1.0 also supports bidirectional communication between (industrial) IoT systems and integration into the open-source software platform FIWARE.