PCH Dienstengroep

A hybrid approach
to innovating

The coronavirus pandemic remains the center stage of our daily lives as people and businesses continue tbattle the spread of the virus.  And whilst there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the introduction of various vaccines, it is expected that precautionary measures will still need to be in place for some time yet to come. 

With the threat of new mutations and/or other viruses of this nature, businesses need to continually prepare to reduce the impact that this can have on their operations and workforce alike.  

For Facility Management companies such as PCH Dienstengroep, the task of reducing potential contamination in the workplace has not been easy and it has required a step-change in conventional thinking so that businesses can operate as routinely as possible.  

The ChallengeTracking Occupancy Levels in Buildings 

At the outset of the pandemic, PCH has been working hard to introduce measures that allowed for flexible and safer working spaces. Offices were redesigned to ensure a mandatory 1.5m distance between desks, smart technology was introduced to measure the air quality in the buildings, disinfectants and hand sanitizers were freely available throughout the building, and employees were provided with desks and chairs so that they could work comfortably from home.   

Measuring the daily occupancy levels of each of their client’s buildings remained a challenge for PCH. With many employees working from home and only visiting the offices periodically, it was difficult to gauge what the true occupancy levels in the buildings were at any given time.  Added to this, more and more external visitors were being received, further skewing the total numbers.  

Our SolutionMobile app for offices   

Needing a solution, PCH reached out to Hyrde whose core mandate is to design, develop and implement IoT solutions for both the VolkerWessels Group and external customers.   

With our proprietary ecosystem called ekco, Hyrde can facilitate multiple IoT solutions suitable for a range of different industries.   

Having evaluated the client brief, Hyrde was able to quickly design mobile app that allowed for: 

  • Easy reservation of a workspace or meeting room from the comfort of an employee’s home; 
  • A check-in and check out of a workspace by only scanning a QR code on the desk; 
  • Lunches, office supplies, or even requirements needed for a home office desk could be ordered through the mobile app;  
  • A simple registration function for visitors to the buildings would help PCH manage the total occupancy of the building.  

In addition to this, the solution also provided a communication platform where employees could pose questions, relevant videos and info could be shared as well as a notification board is available to keep employees abreast of the Covid-19 situation. 

The ResultsApp forms Groundwork for WAY 

In March 2021having tested and approved the Hyrde mobile app, PCH launched its new program called  WAY – an integrated solution for hybrid working.   

The launch has been well received and clients are not only enthusiastic tgain relevant insights into the health of their buildings but have peace of mind knowing that their most valuable assets – their employees – are well taken care of too.