Melis Logistics

Lost hand pallet trucks are in the past, thanks to WiFi Sniffers

For over 100 years, Melis Logistics has been transporting goods of all kinds and sizes. From hazardous materials and solar panels to toilet bowls and large electrical goods. Drivers often use hand and electric pallet trucks to deliver the goods to the customer. This makes the work less physically demanding for the driver and it saves time.

The number of pallet trucks Melis had in use, however, was constantly decreasing. Fleet manager Vincent Koers: ‘Every month we were asked if hand pallet trucks could be purchased,’ he says. Melis therefore wanted to have an overview of their hand pallet trucks at a very reasonable price. The GPS solution that Melis already used for their trailers and piggyback forklifts was not an option. Compared to these assets, pallet trucks are considerably less expensive. Accordingly, the solution had to be much more cost-efficient. Hyrde could offer that.

Detecting assets with WiFi scanning

The challenge Melis faced was easily solved with a WiFi Sniffer. This is a small and lightweight GPS tracker that determines its location both indoors and outdoors by means of the WiFi networks it detects in its environment. The device is easy to attach to an asset, such as a hand pallet truck, and is only active when the asset is in motion. As a result, the batteries powering the tracker last more than six years. The WiFi Sniffer is also very robust and weatherproof.

Vincent Koers — Fleet Manager at Melis Logistics

"I haven’t heard the request for new hand pallet trucks in a long time. I didn’t have to look for these either. I now know very well where they are."

WiFi Sniffer prevents loss of pallet trucks

The features of the WiFi Sniffer in combination with its low price made Vincent decide to purchase sixty units immediately. Another thirty additional trackers have since been ordered. Three quarters of a year after installation of the trackers, the result is very positive. ‘I haven’t heard the request for new hand pallet trucks in a long time. I didn’t have to look for these either. I now know very well where they are.’

Future smart solutions

Vincent has recently contacted Hyrde about the next stage of automation in the tracking of the pallet trucks. ‘What we still want is that I receive an email every working day at a fixed time with an overview of all the devices that are outside the zones where we have ranks. Once those same devices are still outside the zones after two days, we will take action.’

Other smart solutions offered by Hyrde in terms of traffic lights and parking have also caught the interest of Melis. ‘We’ve already had a number of brainstorming sessions. We will take further steps after the summer. A number of solutions certainly offer prospects for the future.’