VolkerWessels Telecom

Reducing costs and work load through fleet telematics

VolkerWessels Telecom designs, builds and maintains fixed and wireless telecom networks. Due to rising costs from their previous supplier, the company was looking for a new way to keep track of the location of their large fleet of vans. In addition, the organisation wanted to have control over their own data, opening up the door to a range of optimization opportunities.

Tracking fleet and tools                                                                                                        

Hyrde installed a multifunctional device in every van. This device allows VolkerWessels Telecom to keep track of the real-time location of all their vehicles, as well as numerous other data points such as fuel usage and driving speed. Crucially, the device also keeps a mileage count that is 100% accurate, as opposed to solutions based on GPS tracking, making it ideal for kilometre and trip registration. Through a white-labelled app called Harri (Handige App voor Ritregistratie- en Rij Informatie), users can now easily view and download their travel history. Finally, our team added Bluetooth tags to tools such as drills and wrenches, through which the tool inventory in each van is now tracked automatically. All data is collected in our data platform ekco and sent to a custom dashboard, which visualizes all the information and allows managers to prepare and export fully customised reports.

Endless possibilities with fleet telematics

Thanks to our solution, VolkerWessels Telecom realised a 30% decrease in costs. The new system led to a dramatic 50% drop in the fleet manager’s work load as well. The company is looking forward to implementing a range of additional features. By keeping track of the vans’ location and the equipment on board, an automated planning system can easily find the closest van with the right tools for any job. By measuring the temperature in vans, potentially hazardous situations with gas canisters during heat waves can be avoided. Fuel usage and other data can serve as an indicator of which mechanics are the most efficient drivers and can encourage sustainable driving. The range of possibilities is wide, because VolkerWessels Telecom now controls their own data allowing them to do with it as they please, while keeping the privacy of their employees top of mind.

Iwan van Bronkhorst — Group Controller at VolkerWessels Telecom

“Our experience with Hyrde has been great. The team has been very proactive in finding easy, practical solutions to meet our needs. We’re looking forward to finding more ways to use the data we’re collecting, and to further optimise our business with Hyrde’s help.”

Our approach to implementing fleet solution

Hyrde took stock of the organisation’s needs and wants by interviewing people at every level of the company. Based on those interviews, we developed a first pilot and installed devices in 100 vehicles. After collecting feedback from the pilot users, we made the final choices in terms of technology and hardware and prepared for the full roll out. To prevent any disruption of our client’s day-to-day activities, the devices were installed during team meetings when the vans would not be in use. Currently, our team is helping VolkerWessels Telecom explore the many features that can be implemented in the future.

Shortly after having finalised the first phase of the fleet management project with VolkerWessels Telecom, Hyrde has started working together with VolkerWessels Materieel & Logistiek (VWML) and WEVI on standardized fleet management for the whole VolkerWessels Group. The solution they offer is called VLOW. More information in Dutch can be found here: hyrde.io/faq-vlow/