Volker Stevin Materieel (VSM)

Tracking the Location and Usage of Machinery, Vehicles and Tools

The Challenge

From drilling machines, vans and excavators to generators, containers and construction site offices. The amount of equipment that Volker Stevin Materieel (VSM) needs to keep track of is vast. The company is specialized in the rental, supply, management and maintenance of equipment for the construction of infrastructure such as roads, railways and networks for energy, water and telecom.

With all these tools, vehicles and machinery constantly moving from project to project and from location to location, VSM was looking for an easier way to keep track of where their equipment was located. Moreover, they wanted to explore the many ways through which IoT solutions could increase efficiency, cut costs and enable new services for their clients.

Our Solution

Hyrde selected suitable solutions for different types of equipment. By installing hardware in the larger machines, we can track their location at all times. This makes it easy to track the machinery used by each project, and to locate any equipment that might go missing. A special ‘recovery mode’ can be activated with the tap of a button in a dedicated app. This causes the device to send GPS data every couple of minutes to an investigation team within DSM. Already, the team has seen some great results using this feature. The devices we selected for larger machines also collect data related to usage of the machine. This opens the door for a range of options such as tracking fuel usage, CO2 emissions and performing just-in-time preventative maintenance.

The device we selected for the vans keeps track of real-time location as well as usage data, such as opening and closing doors, switching the lights on and off and even hitting the breaks. The device is also perfect for journey registration, as it keeps a 100% accurate mileage count, as opposed to solutions that use GPS tracking. We also put a tool tracking system in place. The vans have scanners that detect Bluetooth tags. By placing these tags on tools such as drills and wrenches, VSM can now automatically keep track of what tools are in which van.

Data platform EKCO

The IoT devices all send the data they collect to EKCO, Hyrde’s data platform. Processing this data can lead to insights and other useful information, both for VSM and their clients. For example, through vibration sensors and dashcams in the thousands of vehicles that VSM maintains, it would be possible to detect tears and potholes in the road. Such information could be useful for road construction companies. Or, by registering instances where the brakes were hit hard and reviewing dashcam footage, near-accidents or other incidents can be analysed and measures can be taken to prevent them from occurring again. In short: the options are many and as we connect more equipment and collect more data, we will be exploring the possibilities with VSM.

Erol Calicioglu — Process Manager at VSM

“Hyrde is great at examining a use case and finding the right technical solution for it. With their help, we’ve been able to find new ways to make our clients’ operations more efficient and cost-effective.”

Our Approach

We started by carefully analysing how VSM worked. By defining a large number of use cases, we created a clear picture of what different people within the organisation needed, from the accounting department to the mechanics. We assessed what data would be useful to VSM and selected the most suitable IoT devices. By creating a mock-up of the end result, we ensured that our proposal was in line with VSM’s goals.

The roll-out has been planned in phases. Hardware has been installed in a limited number of vehicles and machines. After we ensure everything is working exactly as it should, we will continue with the roll-out on a larger scale.