Fleet Telematics

Track your fleet, improve costs and promote secure driving


Real-time Monitoring

Get a highly accurate, live view of your vehicles’ locations for better visibility of your fleet, efficient route planning and reduced fuel consumption.

Active Tracking

Need more frequent and precise location updates? Select our premium quality solution Active Tracking. Follow your vehicle’s movements – slowing down for traffic, accelerating, stopping at the side of the road – live on the map.

Advanced Driver Coaching

Communicate directly with your drivers with the aim of encouraging safer driving through in-vehicle driver feedback. This creates an environment within the vehicle that allows for the driver to know whether or not they are driving in an unsafe manner.

Collision Warning

Use collision reconstruction to get an accurate record of events for insurance purposes or investigating complaints about driving behavior. The ability to prove or disprove such complaints using accelerometer data can go so far as saving someone’s job.

Add-on Hardware

Integrate our Fleet Telematics solution with other in-vehicle hardware using BLE devices. This gives you the opportunity to check if specific tools are present in the vehicle and loaded for use onsite.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Our Fleet Telematics solution helps you making your fleet more sustainable and reducing your impact on the environment. More efficient use of vehicles and routing, restricted idling and reduced speeding decrease the amount of exhaust and CO2 created by your fleet.

Going green also helps you save maintenance costs. If vehicles are being driven less aggressively and used equally these costs will be spread out across the fleet. This results in fewer oil changes, fewer new sets of tires, and fewer brake pads used annually.

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