Asset Management

Increase operational excellence with smarter monitoring

How to reduce your carbon footprint or get insights in traffic streams with AI? With our smart mobility solutions we strive to support you with future proof digital solutions.

Asset Tracking

From drilling machines, vans and excavators to generators, containers and construction site offices. The amount of equipment that organisations need to keep track of is vast. Especially when your business is specialized in the rental, supply, management and maintenance of equipment for the construction of infrastructure such as roads, railways and networks for energy, water and telecom. With all these tools, vehicles and machinery constantly moving from project to project and from location to location, businesses need more data about their assets in order to increase efficiency, cut costs and enable new services for their clients. Hyrde can help to build the IoT solution tailored to your needs.

Fleet Telematics & Tool Tracking

Monitor your vehicles real-time and combine telematics with other asset tracking devices to enable insights in operating costs and employees’ driving styles. Be able to manage your assets with specific tool tracking sensors. From tools, trailers and drum rolls to portacabins and BLE sensors, Hyrde can track many assets real-time. Our Fleet Telematics’ solution is approved by Keurmerk Ritregistratie and complies with the Dutch regulation.

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AI-enabled dashcams to minimise accidents

Operational efficiency is just as important as the health and safety of your drivers. With 1 out of 5 commercial vehicles being involved in an accident each year – predominantly caused by either fatigue or distraction – it is important to implement a solution that could prevent these events from occurring. To solve this problem we can provide AI enabled dashcam in vehicles. The AI component of the dashcam is the most advanced software available to identify and measure dangerous driving behaviors, be this texting, using a cellphone whilst driving, falling asleep at the wheel, or simply not paying attention to the road ahead.