A crucial component in your IoT business strategy

Connectivity technology

Selecting the most suitable connectivity technology is critical for the IoT strategy of your business. It’s about making decisions on how you connect datapoints and get the best value out of it. In practice, this could mean how to aggregate data from devices outdoor into your platform or how to create a smart indoor network in order to have all sensors communicate their values. It’s about balancing between the range of connectivity (indoor vs outdoor), the bandwidth (how big is your data package) and the amount of power consumption (battery vs power supply).

From indoor connectivity to long distance connectivity

Included in our delivery of an IoT solution is an advise for connectivity technology. From indoor and short distance connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth mesh network, wifi sniffing and zigbee) to cellular technology and long distance connectivity (e.g. LoRa and Sigfox). We are familiar with many connectivity technologies.

Sigfox Netherlands

Sigfox Netherlands is the exclusive Sigfox network operator for the Netherlands. Part of VolkerWessels, Sigfox Netherlands deploys, operates, and maintains the Sigfox Network in the Netherlands. Sigfox is a low power wide area 0G network, active in more than 72 countries worldwide. Because of its geographic reach, Sigfox connectivity is a big advantage for IoT solutions that require connectivity for devices across international borders.