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Manage your business data and explore the solutions of hyrde’s enriched ekco builder

Tackle your toughest business challenges today by creating your own IoT data management solutions, without the need for any development knowledge. With our new ekco builder you can gather, monitor, manage and analyse business data. But also build workflows, generate business apps, create insightful dashboards and configure different solutions. All that’s needed is a thorough knowledge of your business processes.


Ekco builder features

Data Modeler

Define your solution’s data model by simply adding in your business assets and create your IoT datapoints from scratch.

Workflow Designer

Design your no-code solution with the workflow designer consisting of drag and drop building blocks.

Dashboard Builder

Create your own business dashboards instantly by using the no-code building blocks of our ekco builder.

App Builder

Create your own APP functions by selecting components from the library and build up your business processes (including QR code and NFC scanning).

API Builder

With the API builder you can ingest your company data and share new data from your solutions with others.

IoT Device Management

Manage your IoT devices and data by setting up device groups, triggers, and see all device history.

Ekco builder advantages

No-code platform

Ekco builder requires no software development skills.

Business apps

Ekco builder generates business apps automatically.

Fast solutions

Ekco builder builds business solutions faster than low-code platforms.

Fast time-to-market

Ekco builder unlocks your business results quickly.

API integration

Ekco builder integrates with many external data sources through APIs.

Workflow management

Ekco builder manages data streams with smart processes and tailored workflows.

Secure environment

Ekco builder solutions and data are stored in a secured environment.


Curious how ekco builder can unlock value for your business? Or need help configuring your own solutions with ekco builder? Please contact us for information and discover your business potential with our sprint way of working.

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