Getting the data you need to maintain mission-critical infrastructure

To keep mission-critical infrastructure secure and reliable, IoT sensors can add incredible value. Condition monitoring solutions for geotechnical elements and structural monitoring applications for rail networks, tunnels, bridges, and other constructions help to predict maintenance requirements and, in doing so, help to reduce operational costs.


Monitor construction work in a tunnel, pre-plan maintenance, or program mission-critical processes with the help of IoT technology. Optical Displacement Sensor nodes, for example, are used to measure certain data points. This helps to ensure the safety of applications like tunnel distortion and tunnel settlement.

Rail Network

Place IoT sensors on railway lines to measure their cants and twists. Observing the impact of movement on rails gives insights into rail traffic behavior. This data enables warning alerts before an incident happens.


Together with DMC, Hyrde operates a dike monitoring and conditioning system to ensure safer dykes in The Netherlands. The sensors give insights into the strength of the dykes at any time. To have this information, organisations know when to take the next steps in terms of maintenance.