Living and Office

Improve living and working conditions with smart data

Smart Homes

Experience more comfort and safety with iWonen. It’s your starting point for future-proofing your house . The iWonen technology consists of The Hyrde gateway and iWonen app. The gateway connects all devices and sensors in order to receive insights about specific behaviour and to adjust this behaviour if needed.

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Health solutions 

Hyrde’s suite of solutions also extends to assisting the elderly to live longer at home instead of being moved to frail care centres. By monitoring the home environment, Hyrde’s solutions act as a silent witness within the home. The solution will report on whether medication was taken on time, whether someone has moved out of their bed in the morning as well as monitoring and measuring the air quality.


Hybrid way of working for offices (WAY) 

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies recommended that employees work from home. This was one way of reducing the risk of unknowingly being infected by colleagues. To help companies manage the total number of staff in a building at a specific time, Hyrde developed the hybrid office App WAY. This app gives you the opportunity to make reservations for workplaces and meeting rooms, order lunch for staff or meetings, and communicate with the chat function about the occupancy in the building or another topic. It helps ensure your staff is always up to date and facilitated in their needs whether they are working from home or at the office.

Smart Security & Safety

To automate security processes and increase the feeling of safety more and more, IoT and AI are used to achieve these goals. For one of our clients we replaced the security surveillance with an IoT solution. To detect the presence of persons we have used micro movement sensors and to detect whats going on in the environment we have installed cameras using AI computer vision approach. Additionally, a scan was performed to judge whether the security process was compliant and safe.