Smart City & Mobility

Improving quality of life

Parking Management

Smart parking technology can help you efficiently and effectively manage parking spaces. The first step is to collect data from parking spaces, including real-time information on available parking spots and vehicles overstaying or breaking parking rules. With the help of usable parking data, innovative data-driven solutions, such as integrated payment and booking systems, can be built. Also, expensive infrastructure on-site, such as barriers, fences and ticket vending machines can be ignored.

Traffic Management

The combination of IoT with AI can play a significant role in managing traffic challenges. IoT sensors allow you to control air quality, whilst AI cameras help detect all sorts of traffic, including from cars, trucks, and bicycles. Based on real-time data, you can make effective traffic management decisions now to improve traffic flows and safety.

Environmental Solutions

Hyrde offers environmental solutions to support municipalities, construction companies and many more organisations to understand the levels of noise and nitrogen. You can gather data on any location to get information on where high levels of noise and nitrogen are measured and what has caused these. With this data, action can be taken to adjust work protocols, improve citizen satisfaction and/or reduce operational costs.

Rodent Monitoring

Hyrde provides smart solutions for rodent monitoring, from thermal camera to smart trapps. Our electronic rat trap boasts an IP67 rated, water-resistant outer shell that is built to withstand outdoor elements and the rigors of commercial environments. To encourage rodent interaction and increase catch rates, this trap is designed with a dual-entry tunnel. Once inside the chamber, the circuit delivers a continuous high-voltage shock, humanely killing the rat. For peace of mind, the trap automatically disengages when the outer shell lid is opened.

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