Achieve sustainability with IoT

How do you create long-term value as an organisation? A relevant question, especially in light of climate change and social goals. Hyrde supports you in your quest for a sustainable footprint.

Water Management

The use of new technology will allow for solving all sorts of water management issues. With an updated infrastructure, utility management companies can help make water management more effective and secure.

Reducing Nitrogen Emissions

The Dutch government introduced the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (Programma Aanpak Stikstof-PAS) in 2015. With the help of IoT sensors, we now better understand how to realise nitrogen reductions. The NoNOx filter, which is developed by VolkerWessels, is a good example of a smart technology to help reduce nitrogen levels. This filter can reduce nitrogen emissions by mobile and stationary equipment, such as generators, constructions cranes and excavators, by up to 99.9%.

Energy Usage Management

One of the most efficient ways of reducing energy consumption is to control energy usage in buildings. By making building management systems smart, you can control power usage and adjust ventilation and heating levels when necessary. Smart sensors in the building measure its climate, such as CO2 and occupancy levels.