Smart rodent control

Trapp is an innovative rat and mouse trap. Whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, Trapp is the only solution that offers unprecented efficacy, durability and consistent performance. Coupled with long-range connectivity and an easy to use portal, managing your rodent problem is quick and easy.

Humane Alternative

Trapp offers a clean and humane alternative to managing rodent infestations. No poisonous rodenticides are needed and instead, rodents are dispatched by a quick, high voltage shock.

Connected Trap

Know your Trapp status by receiving notifications when a rodent is caught. Trapp is compatible with LoRa or Sigfox connectivity negating the need for additional gateways.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor the traps at all your sides anytime, from anywhere by using the easy to use portal or mobile app. Optional is the integration with other rodent control software.

Innovative Design

The behavior of rodents has been decisive for Trapp’s design. The rugged, water-resistant outer shell is built to withstand the elements and other external factors.

Martijn van Beek — Manager Product Development at Vialis

“Trapp proofs to be the perfect precautionary measure for smart cities to improve safety and sustainability.”

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